Hello world

Hallo welt!

Hallo welt!

In the last ~2 years, a few friends (1, 2, 3, 4) have asked me to create a blog to post ideas, notes, projects, etc. Since for me, at least at that time, blogging meant WordPress, I kinda left it somewhere at the end of my TODO list. The reason is because I just hate WordPress: it's painfully slow, confusing and hard to hack. Last time I worked with it I died a little inside.

However, a while ago I saw a tweet from DigitalOcean about a tutorial on how to install Ghost on Ubuntu. Since I'm not a fan of Ubuntu as well (too much useless stuff), I just checked how Ghost worked and I kinda liked. So I created a new Debian machine and just installed it to play a little bit. So, yey, an alternative to WordPress!

So now, after some extremely busy time, sickness and way too much gaming (all in the same two week span!), I've found time to reconfigure my servers and setup this blog. Nowadays I don't really write things down, and I know I'll eventually forget everything, which is bad. Therefore, the idea, which I know that won't work, is to use this place as kind of a log of ideas, experiences, experiments, projects, and so on. Hopefully this works, or at least it helps me, or maybe even someone else. So, welcome! :-)